Water Resource System

The Edwards Aquifer, located in Texas, is a water resource system where proper sustainable planning and land use has taken place over the years. It spans approximately from Austin to San Antonio and is responsible for the water supply of a substantial part of the population. It contains three clear zones that define water planning and use strategies: artesian (confined), transitional (confined/unconfined), and unconfined. There are important pumping policies in place as well as strategies to avoid the pollution of this excellent water resource.


“Teed Off Over the Aquifer” in the Week Two Electronic Reserve Readings

The Edwards Aquifer Website

Edwards Aquifer Authority

Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer

Research the Edwards aquifer using the resources listed above, the internet, and other resources.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that analyzes the sustainable development and land use strategies and practices used to protect the aquifer. The paper must answer the following questions:

What sustainable planning strategies have been implemented to protect the aquifer?

What conflicts of interest exist regarding the use of the groundwater in the Edwards aquifer? Cite at least two specific examples.

How does the protection of soil relate to the protection of the aquifer? Cite at least one specific example.

How does the disposal of solid waste and wastewater effect water quality in the Edwards aquifer? Are current disposal systems adequate?

If you could suggest a change to the policies or systems currently in place, what would you recommend?

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