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Provide the details and the assignment. The details should include the number of pages and the time duration.

We only do prepaid work.

Since we are dealing with various clients we do not scam the work paid upfront.

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Our company insists that our clients should have online payment systems.

Under specified conditions, payment through the phone may be authorized once there is an agreement between the parties.

The cost of the work covers the body of the paper. Formatting and referencing in any style is free to all our customers.

We authorize some orders to ensure that you are the same person that made the payments. The authorization assists in maintain discipline during payment especially when there are many orders from our clients.

We offer discount of 10% on order above $50. You can use the calculator from the homepage to calculate the discount rates we offer. The company values customers thus we believe that offering these discounts will make our services affordable to most clients.

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Clients are allowed to upload additional materials

Engage the customer support representatives or the writer.

We also allow the client to know the writer handling the assignment, interact, and share with that author files on the order.

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Approve the completed order or send it for revision at no cost

Once the order is completed it is uploaded on the client’s profile and notification on the email.

We give only three free revisions for every order.

We ensure that our orders are free from plagiarism.  However, in case you want the report for yourself or the professor we can provide it in the HTML format.  Our company uses the best plagiarism detectors.

We use WebCheck to check plagiarism instead of Turnitin to avoid submitting the work to already graded works.


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