Wafa House

Students will be required to write a final paper. The final paper must include a reflection on what the Wafa House provides for the community and how it relates to readings and themes covered in the course. The paper must include the following: Overview of Wafa House’s community engagement: In this section, you will give an overview of the activities and tasks that Wafa House has done for their communities. In addition, you will tell the reader about the mission and objectives of the organization. In other words, you will describe the rationale that informs the services and/or programs offered by the organization and indicate the individuals whom the services and/or programs are tailored to. Critical analysis of the community engagement: In this section, you will perform an evaluation of Wafa House’s community engagement. The components of your evaluation must include: (a) constructive evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the program(s) of the organization, and (b) sharing any eventful moments that you think may have transpired during these community engagement experiences. Lessons learned through community engagement: In this section, you will explain how Wafa House’s community engagement experiences helped you develop a better understanding of gender, agency, and women’s activism. Do you think your research about the the organization would contribute to dispelling or did it reinforce some of the myths associated with the figure of the “Middle Eastern women”? And finally how does Wafa House’s community engagement enrich your commitment to gender equality and cultural understanding?

Grading Scheme Critical Analysis and Reflection: /25 Clarity of Organization, Grammar/Writing Quality: /5 Citations and Bibliography: /5 Total Grade: /35

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