Urban Planning Case

This week’s assignment is a creative exploration of the public realm in which you live. First, identify a “third place” in your community (i.e. a coffeeshop where people hang out and are known to each other). Second, spend an hour or more in your selected location and complete some “field research”. Finally, to complete the assignment, submit a “profile” of the location that you have studied. Include:

The name and address of the location that you researched

A photograph of the location, or a diagram of the location’s layout (hand drawn or computer generated)

250+ words summarizing your observations:

How do people treat one another? Are many people greeted by name? Do you consider yourself one of the “regulars”? Why or why not?

Finally, wrap-up your profile by responding to the following question: “What qualifies this location as a ‘third place’?” Cite Hutter in your response.

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