Training new employees and interns for the ERP upgrade

One of the contractual requirements for the ERP upgrade was to provide a training for new employees and interns explaining the system architecture and networking design.

Write a PowerPoint presentation that you will use during the training. You will start this PowerPoint in Unit 4 then complete and submit it in Unit 5.

The requirements for your presentation are:

Describe the seven layers of the OSI model and how they interact with the connected layers.

Discuss seven hardware or software components (one for each of the seven layers) of the customer’s network.

Describe the significance of each component in the overall information system.

Describe the DHCP protocol and the importance it plays in the enterprise network design.

Using the “ipconfig /all” command, include a screenshot of the IP configuration information for your PC (or similar Linux/Mac commands).

Explain the primary IP address and MAC address and the difference between the two.

Explain the DHCP lease information shown in the screenshot.

Each slide should focus on one topic of the training (you can have multiple slides per topic).

Include speaking notes in the Notes section of each slide that describe what you are going to say during the training.

Each slide should contain no more than 5 bullets and should include an image that represents the topic.

You should have a minimum of 9 slides including a title slide as the first slide and a reference slide as the last slide.

All references should be in APA format.

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