The Texas Legislature

The Texas Legislature has the authority to propose amendments to the Texas Constitution. These proposed amendments must first be approved in a ________ (What type of legislation?) by both the Texas State Senate and the Texas House of Representatives. Then it has to be adopted by at least ______ (What fraction?) of the membership of each chamber of the legislature. This amounts to at least _____ (What number?) votes in the Texas House and at least _____ (What number?) in the Texas Senate.

How “representative” are members of the Texas House of Representatives of the people they serve (in terms of race/ethnicity, age, gender, income, wealth, etc.)? Make a comparison with the current membership of the Texas House and society by detailing the demographics of the membership.

What is the length and frequency (when do they meet and how often?) of the Texas Legislature? What particular area of the Texas Constitution outlines this? What is the salary for Texas Legislators (elaborate)? What are at least 2 benefits/compensation other than salary for Texas Legislators? (Elaborate)

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