The IEP Development Process

The IEP Development Process


The IEP Development Process

SPD 300 Topic 5 DQ 1

It can be difficult for some students to articulate their desires for their life after high school. What are some alternative ways you can have students share this information?

SPD 300 Topic 5 DQ 2

Compare the changing roles of the parent and their child with disabilities between elementary school and high school. How are these changing roles reflected on the IEP and in the IEP development process? What can you conclude about these changing roles as a young person with disabilities prepares to transition from high school to adult services?

SPD 300 Topic 6 DQ 1

What can educators do to be proactive in avoiding conflicts with families that may lead to due process issues? Describe two strategies to proactively resolve or prevent conflicts and thereby avoid formal due process steps when families and a school do not agree. Rationalize your choices.

SPD 300 Topic 6 DQ 2

Provisions for special education services can be expensive and each state government is tasked with the responsibility for funding all schools. Examine how IDEA supports your state regarding special education funding. Are there situations in which a school district can refuse services or accommodations due to expense? Provide examples.

SPD 300 Topic 7 DQ 1

As a teacher, you will have students with a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds. How would you ensure that a family’s specific religious beliefs are respected in the IEP process? Support your response, citing the “Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work.”

SPD 300 Topic 7 DQ 2

Read the scenario below:

Mrs. Peterman serves as the intervention specialist in autism spectrum disorder for a K-8 school. Mrs. Peterman was asked to focus on traveling to classrooms to provide support for her students and to work with students in her own classroom when deemed necessary.

Kris is one of Mrs. Peterman’s students this year and spends his day in Mr. Lujano’s classroom, the only general education teacher in the sixth grade.

Recently Mrs. Peterman made the decision to keep Kris with her for reading and math. Performance reports for Kris indicate he has average to low-average skills in both areas. Mrs. Peterman wants to keep Kris for these two core subjects because she does not approve of Mr. Lujano’s teaching techniques.

What is the ethical dilemma presented? How should this dilemma be dealt with in order to promote respect and success for Kris as well as the teachers involved?

SPD 300 Topic 8 DQ 1

What is a manifestation determination? Provide an example of a situation that requires a manifestation hearing. What must a team do when the results of the hearing determine the student’s disability may be contributing to the behavior in question?

SPD 300 Topic 8 DQ 2

It can be difficult to determine if a behavior is the result of a child’s disability in a manifestation determination. What type of data could be analyzed to support making this decision?
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