The Executive Summary


Research any of following websites as you prepare this assignment: Governmental Accounting Office, located at , Public Agenda located at RAND Corporation located at; Policy Library located at; American Enterprise Institute located at; Cato Institute located at; Economic Policy Institute located at; The Heritage Foundation located at; or other similar website.


Use the policy you selected from Assignment 2 to research a published study related to your chosen area of focus. Then, prepare an Executive Summary with the following criteria listed for this assignment.

Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you:

(Note: Refer to Appendix 2: The Executive Summary for explanation of all criterions listed below.)

1. Establish the purpose(s) of the executive summary.

2. Provide the background to the issue.

3. Discuss the results of the research, identifying the models used to obtain the results.

4. Provide available federal data.

5. Discuss appropriate economic predictors.

6. Propose at least three (3) reliable, implementable recommendations.

7. Appropriately incorporate at least four (4) quality sources. A quality source can be either grey literature, such as a news article, or scholarly, such as peer reviewed works. In the case of public administration, government websites are appropriate quality resources. Note: Wikipedia, SparkNotes, and similar websites do not qualify as academic resources. Visit the Strayer University Library at to conduct research.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

Create a policy analysis report.

Points: 225

Assignment 4: The Executive Summary


Unacceptable Below 70% F

Fair 70-79% C

Proficient 80-89% B

Exemplary 90-100% A

1. Establish the purpose(s) of the executive summary. Weight: 10%

Did not submit or incompletely established the purpose(s) of the executive summary.

Partially established the purpose(s) of the executive summary.

Satisfactorily established the purpose(s) of the executive summary.

Thoroughly established the purpose(s) of the executive summary.

2. Provide the background to the issue. Weight: 15%

Did not submit or incompletely provided the background to the issue.

Partially provided the background to the issue.

Satisfactorily provided the background to the issue.

Thoroughly provided the background to the issue.

3. Discuss the results of the research, identifying the models used to obtain the results. Weight: 15%

Did not submit or incompletely discussed the results of the research, identifying the models used to obtain the results.

Partially discussed the results of the research, identifying the models used to obtain the results.

Satisfactorily discussed the results of the research, identifying the models used to obtain the results.

Thoroughly discussed the results of the research, identifying the models used to obtain the results.

4. Provide available federal data. Weight: 10%

Did not submit or incompletely provided available federal data.

Partially provided available federal data.

Satisfactorily provided available federal data.

Thoroughly provided available federal data.

5. Discuss appropriate economic predictors. Weight: 15%

Did not submit or incompletely discussed appropriate economic predictors.

Partially discussed appropriate economic predictors.

Satisfactorily discussed appropriate economic predictors.

Thoroughly discussed appropriate economic predictors.

6. Propose at least three (3) reliable, implementable recommendations. Weight: 20%

Did not submit or incompletely proposed at least three (3) reliable, implementable recommendations.

Partially proposed at least three (3) reliable, implementable recommendations.

Satisfactorily proposed at least three (3) reliable, implementable recommendations.

Thoroughly proposed at least three (3) reliable, implementable recommendations.

7. 2 references Weight: 5%

Does not meet the required number of references

Meets the required number of references; some or all references poor quality choices.

Meets number of required references; most references quality choices.

Exceeds number of required references; all references high quality choices.

8. Clarity, writing mechanics, and formatting requirements Weight: 10%

More than 6 errors present

5-6 errors present

3-4 errors present

0-2 errors present



Stakeholder Analysis

Argumentation Analysis

The international relations are defined effectively based on critical elements which provide a strong focus on the level of engagement across different players. The United States has focused on creating a strong commitment to international relations especially considering its foreign policy development. The Trump administration has adopted flexible foreign policies which define its overall engagement on trade and economy while taking into consideration the needs of American citizens. The Trump Asian strategy has been a significant issue in recent times especially considering the dominant nature of China which requires united states to understand critical processes which help in defining essential outcomes. The articles that form the basis of this argument include “Pence takes the new U.S. Asia strategy on the road” Published by Washington Post and “How China Is Challenging American Dominance in Asia” published by the New York Times.


The trump foreign policy should focus on cohesion and integration in Asia rather than his strong stance on American first in the wake of intense competition from China and the European Union.


The influence of China in Asia is significantly increasing which pose a significant threat to the role of the United States in the region. China has the best global performing economy in addition to the influence that it has within the region. Holding a firm stance regarding the trade relations within the United States and Asia would not help recover the lost ground mainly because China is performing exemplary in comparison to the United States. The United States must take into consideration the changes that have occurred over the years within the region and ensure that there is the implementation of important factors which have a positive influence within the global economy (Fisher & Carlsen, 2018).

The global business environment has undergone a significant transformation which provides a more substantial influence on essential elements which help in defining better outcomes. A strong commitment to the integration of these changes provides a significant focus where it is possible to outline essential aspects that define positive development. Countries can interact with each other based on the conducive nature of the global environment where the global status of the United States have been unable to have a strong influence on its relations with other countries (Rogin, 2018).


Building strong foreign relations is the foundation of a strong country where it is easier to establish close connections among its citizens. However, Donald Trump has just begun to understand what it is to be the president of the United States, the powerful country in the world. The decision that he makes are reviewed all over the world and thus being sensitive is a critical trait that must be significantly driving his decision making especially considering the engagement with other countries.

Asia has become a dominant partner to the United States over the recent years despite past issues, which derailed positive engagement between the United States and its allies from Asia. However, President Obama managed to bridge the gap that existed creating a strong relationship with apparent objectives which Trump has sought to build on which is a crucial thing to fathom. Trump has been making significant headways especially with relations with China, which seemed to deteriorate after his ascendancy to power when he said that he would review all the agreements signed by his predecessor President Obama (Rogin, 2018).


Trump in recent past has emphasized the importance of the United States and China relationship, which a key move is considering the increasing tensions across the world. The high-level meetings with the Chinese Prime minister Xi Jinxing have shown the level of commitment the President is putting in place to pull its American allies closer. The United States has sought to lead the alliance in the Asian region, which especially considering the influence that Russia is having. Thus it essential for the United States to consolidate its influence within the global relations and ensure that it regains its dominance across different aspects including economy, security, and innovation (Fisher & Carlsen, 2018).


The United States is a major global player who does not need to stress on regional relations rather than consider the global influence which should focus on delivering a general foreign policy without a specific focus on the regional influence. The United States has a considerable influence where every nation wants to be associated with the United stated. Thus the country is expected to put the interest of its citizens first in making regional trade deals.


The times have changed, and it is increasingly becoming difficult for the united states to exert its influence with increasing development of regional blocks. It is essential to understand that United States is expected to define its relations clearly in Asia because China and the European Union are offering Asian countries alternatives which are detrimental to the development of the United stated.

Being rational entails making rational decisions especially basing on sensitive choices. The aggressive approach that Trump sought to use during his first year in office was always going to fail because many countries have become stronger and independent which makes it difficult to bully them into submission. The quick change to a more coherent foreign policy strategy seems to be working exceptionally well, and it appears that the president has found a way to strategize his international relations (Rogin, 2018).

Therefore, for a nation to move forward across all-important concepts of development, it is supposed to have strong continuity. Even though certain aspects might be considered far-fetched, an important thing to do is to revise and allow for the development of strategic measures which can ensure that there is passive understanding on critical aspects that help improve promote development.

Most Plausible Argument

I believe that the United States should critically evaluate its position and determine the existing risks which are likely to have a strong influence on its development especially considering how the country develops its foreign policies. Focus on cohesion and integration presents a strong focus on the underlying relations where the wellbeing of both players is essential. The move by Trump to push for the formation of Quad, which is an alliance by Australia, Japan, India, and the United, is fundamental in establishing itself as the world’s most powerful state.

Gun Violence Stakeholder Analysis

Gun violence has been a significant challenge in the United States especially considering the increasing cases of gun violence. According to Center for disease and control approximately 276 homicides weekly. The government and other stakeholders have integrated critical measures, which have focused on creating a better environment that is safe from harm. However, the efforts have been curtailed by laxity in laws across different states, which have been unable to impose gun control and limit the number of guns illegally owned by American citizens. Gun violence has become a crisis in the United States communities (Fairchild, 2016). The increasing prevalence of gun violence in society requires a systematic approach where individuals can be taught about the need to coexist and live harmoniously. Therefore, to control gun violence, there is a need to ensure that it is taught in school and at home.

Stakeholders Who Are Affected By The Problem

Gun violence has a been a vital issue considering the increasing number of homicides. Different individuals are influenced both directly and indirectly. The stakeholders that are involved in this case include schools, students, community, law enforcement agencies, and the government. Each stakeholder has a vital role to play in the development as well as the control of gun violence. These agencies should strive to develop a highly integrated understanding of critical interventions that can be adopted in ensuring that gun violence is not considered as a normal experience. Schools provide a strategic setting where students can learn about the danger of gun violence and the benefits of coexisting with others. It provides a critical understanding of essential concepts, which need to be outlined in a more organized manner where it would be possible to achieve positive social development (Irvin-Erickson & Center, 2017).

Cumulative Frequency Distribution



Relative Frequency

Cumulative Frequency

Law enforcement




















The cumulative frequency distribution provides the importance level of all stakeholders and how they influence gun control. Schools are significantly engaged and provide a strong platform where students can learn on positive behavior through understanding the importance of gun violence. The development of gun violence in schools shows lack understanding of positive social values within the community where children understand that violence is the right way to solve issues. Children are not taught essential elements that define positive social engagement as well as the critical focus on crucial elements that define social change. Parents need to ensure that they instill positive behavior in their children based on parenting approach that is adopted. The parenting approach that a parent adopt has a critical influence on child behavior and social engagement (Warnick et al., 2015).

The community and government have an essential role in creating awareness regarding the need to control the influence of gun violence. The exposure to violence within the society plays a more significant role in influencing the level of violence. The study focused on examining the potential effect of exposure to violence and well as the existing relationship between gun carrying and psychological distress. The findings from the study were able to conclude that gun carrying was reliably associated with significantly higher levels of psychological distress. Exposure to violence was significantly higher among adolescents carrying guns (Walker, 2018).

Frequency Distribution Graph

The graph shows that all the stakeholders are highly engaged in controlling gun violence with schools and the government playing a significant role. The graph does not flatten which highlights the level of importance of all the stakeholders that have been included in the policy. The conclusion that can be drawn from the graph is that there is strong commitment and focus on gun control. The stakeholders that have implemented different interventions to create a significant concentration on gun violence and various ways that they can be controlled.

Ensuring that these measures are promoted is vital in maintaining a higher level of focus within society. Many children grow in violent neighborhoods where they get to know about violence at a very young age. It is essential to focus on changing the mentality of such individuals regarding violence so that it would be possible to prevent an increase in violence. Schools provide a conducive environment under which such issues can be engaged in developing essential concepts that define individual and social development. Teachers and parents are supposed to serve as an excellent example for children through emphasizing on the need to control gun violence.


Fairchild, H. H. (2016). Gun violence in America. Re) Solving violence in America, 17-24.

Fisher, M., & Carlsen, A. (2018, March 09). How China Is Challenging American Dominance in Asia. Retrieved from

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Warnick, B. R., Kim, S. H., & Robinson, S. (2015). Gun violence and the meaning of American schools. Educational Theory, 65(4), 371-386.

Stakeholder Cumulative Frequency Graph
Cumulative Frequency Law enforcement Students Community Government Schools 0.15789473684210525 0.34210526315789469 0.55263157894736836 0.76315789473684204 0.99999999999999989

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