Sun, Global Warming and Heavens

Online Discussion assignments for this course will consist of multiple questions/topics presented via a forum created for each module. You must create a post of at least 200-words in answer to ONE of the Discussion questions. Be sure to identify the title of the question when posting. Use references.

Snapshot of the Heavens: The beginning of the chapter likened the problem of studying the lives of stars to learning about human beings from a 1-minute glance at human life. What could you learn about human life by looking at a single snapshot of a large family, including babies, parents, and grandparents? How is the study of such a snapshot similar to what scientists do when they study the lives of stars. How is it different?

The Sun and Global Warming: One of the most Pressing environmental issues on Earth is the Extent to which human emissions of greenhouse gases are warming our planet. Some people claim that part or all of the observed warming over the past century may be due to changes in the Sun rather than to anything humans have done. Discuss how a better understanding of the Sun might help us comprehend the threat posed by greenhouse gas emissions. Why is it so difficult to develop a clear understanding of how the Sun affects Earth’s climate?

The Role of the Sun: Briefly discuss how the Sun affects us here on Earth. Be sure to consider not only factors such as its light and warmth, but also how the study of the sun has led us to new understandings in science and to technological developments. Overall, how important has solar research been to our lives?

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