Strategic management

If you were making a speech to company personnel, what would you tell employees about the kind of corporate culture you would like to have at your company? What specific cultural traits would you like your company to exhibit? Explain.

LO 1, LO 2
What core values would you want to ingrain in your company’s culture? Why?

LO 2
page 370Following each decision round, do you and your co-managers make corrective adjustments in either your company’s strategy or the way the strategy is being executed? List at least three such adjustments you made in the most recent decision round. What hard evidence (in the form of results relating to your company’s performance in the most recent year) can you cite that indicates that the various corrective adjustments you made either succeeded at improving or failed to improve your company’s performance?

LO 3, LO 4
What would happen to your company’s performance if you and your co-managers stick with the status quo and fail to make any corrective adjustments after each decision round?

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