Spend Money Like It Matters by Frederick M. Hess

Access and read the two articles below.

“When Merit Pay Is Worth Pursuing” by Joshua Barnett and Gary Ritter

Spend Money Like It Matters by Frederick M. Hess

Submit a summary paper with the talking points you would use to address the scenario below. Remember that you will need data to support your argument. I have supplied some resources (links above), but I would hope you would search the web as well for material to support the debate.

We have all heard it many times: “Teachers have it made. They make too much money because they have their summers off, all that time at Christmas, and vacation days during the school year. Their day is much shorter than most professions: They work only 7 hours and 45 minutes per day.”

As your text suggests, if you were called upon to defend your position, what argument would you give?

How could you combat the public’s perception that teachers are lazy and way overpaid?

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