socially responsible strategy

1. Does it seem that PepsiCo has made a commitment to operating in a socially responsible manner? Based on the five components of a socially responsible strategy depicted in Figure 9.2 in Chapter 9, is PepsiCo’s strategy socially responsible? How does it address the needs of all of its stakeholders? Explain.

2. How does PepsiCo link rewards and incentives to strategically-important employee behaviors and the company’s targeted sustainability outcomes?

3. Evaluate the key environmental strategy implementation efforts at PepsiCo since the roll-out of its ‘Performance with Purpose’ sustainability initiative in 2009.

Specifically address and explain these questions:

Has management allocated sufficient resources to the sustainability effort?

Exercised strong leadership?

Instituted policies and procedures that facilitate good execution of sustainability?

Demonstrated prudent financial management, based on your analysis of its recent financial performance?

What recommendations would you make to PepsiCo management to increase its triple bottom-line performance? Provide a justification for these recommendations.

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