Social Work and Human Services

Social Work and Human Services

HERE FOR YOU: Social Work and Human Services

Social Work and Human Services

Paper instructions

For this assignment, students will submit an outline of their Case Study Paper. This is the next step after the Identification of Case for Case Study Paper.

The outline must include the following:

The individual, a family, a group, a small organization, or a community
Background information
Presenting Problem
3 Perspectives/Theories
5 Concepts (ideas derived from the theories found in the text chapters)
Social Systems
Life Factors (environment, family relationships, etc.)
Diversity issues relevant to the social system
Race, ethnicity, social class, religion, physical/mental ability, sexual orientation, etc.
Social Worker’s Assessment of Client Case
2-3 evidence-based articles academic that present research findings specifically relevant to understanding the causes of your client’s problems or relevant to how to provide effective social services


Case Study

Background Information:

The case chosen for this case study is of a 36-year-old Mexican female named Lucy living in Attalla, Alabama. Lucy is her mother’s primary caregiver. Her mother has schizophrenia and dementia. She also lives with her husband and their three children, aged eleven, eight, and six years. The eldest child has diabetes and needs constant observation from his mother. This case study will focus on the issue of being a caregiver for a parent and a child and how it affects mental health.

Presenting Problem:

Lucy visited a general practitioner with panic attacks and increased heart rate complaints.

Why Does the Client Need Social Work Intervention?

Lucy needs social work intervention because her role as a sandwich carer affects her mental health. She could be suffering from anxiety, and she states that her mother’s deteriorating condition has exacerbated her symptoms. She can no longer fully take care of herself when Lucy leaves for work, and her confusion outbursts seem to be increasing, which worries Lucy and her children.

Social Systems

Lucy currently belongs to multiple social systems. She belongs to a nuclear family made up of her, her husband, and her children. She also belongs to an extended family of her and her mother. The other members of this family live far. Lucy also works in a food industry close to her home. Besides, she is a member of the Catholic church in her neighborhood.

Life Factors

Lucy lives in a rented two-bedroom apartment with her family, which is a small space compared to the size of her family. Her primary concern is the well-being of her mother and her children. Her relationship with her husband has been strained for a while. This adds the burden of caring for her two family members on her own.

Diversity Issues

The diversity issues associated with Lucy’s social systems are her mental condition and being a Mexican woman in a predominantly white workforce. This means that her social interactions are majorly limited to her home. Social interactions outside the home play a crucial role in improving overall well-being (Dimmock et al., pp. 1-13). Her social interactions with her family members are also adversely affected by her mental condition. She is also a staunch Catholic, and her life decisions are centered around her religion. Besides, she is a low-income earner and is struggling financially.


Work Cited

Dimmock, James et al. “Relationships Between Social Interactions, Basic Psychological Needs, and Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Pandemic”. Psychology & Health, 2021, pp. 1-13. Accessed 11 Feb 2022.

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