Service Strategy Exercise

Complete the Service Strategy Exercise Worksheet. Use at least 2 academic references.

Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit the assignment.

Identify an organization where service is lacking, or that has experienced a recent decline in service. (For example, you went out to dinner and had poor service at the restaurant, or you spent time flying and experienced poor customer service on your trip)

Name of Organization Service Issue

Research the mission statement of the company and write it below.

Answer each of the following sections in 250- to 350- words.

Define one current service that you can enhance or is not meeting your company’s desired objectives based on the goals outlined in the mission statement. How is the company not meeting the service expectations of the customer? (For example: courteous, satisfaction guaranteed, the customer is always right, etc)
Develop an optimum service process flow for the company. What needs to change from the current status in order to make the process better for the customer? (for example: A long drive through line results in a server outside taking orders to expedite the process)
Explain how the service strategy that you developed earlier will be measured in order to determine whether it is successful or not. Evaluate items such as complaints/recognitions, loyalty factor, and social media reviews.

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