selection process for sales

Imagine you are working as an I/O consultant who has been asked to improve the selection process for sales associates at a retail organization. In years past, this small department store had been using resumes and application forms to hire retail sales associates; however, as they have grown and expanded, they have begun to notice inconsistencies in new hire performance, motivation, and attitudes across stores. You would like to recommend that this organization use an interview in its selection process.

For this assignment, write a white paper to debate the merits of utilizing a structured employment interview versus an unstructured employment interview as a hiring tool. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. Your paper should culminate in your recommended approach (i.e., structured OR unstructured). In addition, create 3-5 interview questions as samples based on your recommended approach (i.e., structured OR unstructured).In order to assist in your development of interview questions, refer to the Retail Sales Associate job description included in this week’s resources.

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