Roman Catholic Thought

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You will produce a paper consisting of at least 1500 words (5-6 pages), which accomplishes ONE the following tasks: (You are not required or expected to address all of these tasks.)

Address the Church’s belief that we need to balance individual rights with the individual’s responsibility to society and the requirement to promote the common good. What does this entail in regards to concrete issues? For instance, if I have an individual right to adequate healthcare, what responsibilities does this demand of me?

Explain how the Church addresses the issue of racism. Do you think this is a perfectly adequate response? If not, what would you change or add to the Church’s position?

Explain the fundamental elements of the idea of the just wage in Catholic social theory and explore the social benefits of just wage policies. Is the just wage something that is taken into consideration in our contemporary global economy?

In this paper, you should focus on defining, explaining and applying Catholic social theory. These are the tasks on which your grade is based.

The purpose of these papers is to deepen your inquiry into the subject matter through the detailed exploration of an element of the social theory.

Your paper should focus first on demonstrating knowledge of that particular topic.

This is a short research paper and you are expected to reference all sources.

This is not a superficial opinion paper. You are not being graded on your opinion, or what you liked or didn’t like about a particular theme, so spending a great deal of time and space addressing your opinion is not going to improve your grade.

You should especially avoid sharing your opinions when these are inconsistent with, or contradict the conclusions that logically flow from your argument.

You should avoid trying to superficially address too many different topics in a single short paper. Focus in on a particular element and do a thorough job. For instance, avoid trying to superficially apply every theme of Catholic social theory to an issue. Instead, apply one or two of those themes in a thorough way.

The topics of some papers will benefit from a discussion of the historical, political, and social context within which the theory or issue developed. Pay attention to context and include this as necessary.

This paper should reflect a serious grappling with the challenging issues raised by Catholic social theory.

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