Research paper

For the Final Research Paper, students will select a topic from the list below and write a paper (excluding title page and reference page) using a minimum of six scholarly sources. These topics represent a few of the challenges the United States faces in homeland security, specifically with respect to terrorism and its impact on American society. The paper should demonstrate an understanding of the topic through a review of literature, analysis of specific incidents, evaluation of deterrents, and recommendations or evaluations of existing preparedness measures.

Students are encouraged to research United States Government websites, the CIA Fact Book, and the databases available through the Ashford University Library.

Appropriate research topics are:

Balancing civil liberties and domestic security

A comparative study of extreme Islamic terrorist groups

Causes of domestic terrorism

The impact of cyberterrorism on the US economy

Mitigations against acts of terrorism

The Final Research Paper must:

Analyze historical incidents appropriate to the topic selected and draw conclusions based on analysis.

Evaluate the effectiveness of deterrents and existing antiterrorism measures.

Propose recommendations based on the analysis of historical incidents and the evaluation of deterrents and antiterrorism measures.

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