Reflection Paper Assignment

PART II Reflection Paper Assignment “Nursing as a Profession” Due in Canvas by 11:59 EST on 4/14/19 (worth 80% of total assignment)

Using their previously submitted draft as a basis, students will complete a 5-page paper in APA format excluding title & reference pages and include at least two scholarly references. This paper should expand on your initial submission and also tie together content covered throughout the course. Students should reflect on academic, professional and personal growth now that they have had had the opportunity to explore nursing. Students should review Florence Nightingale’s famous book “Notes on Nursing” and include in their paper why nursing is considered a “profession”. Other topics that should be discussed in this paper are:

· What are nursing standards, who sets these standards, and why are they important?

· Identify a nursing theory / theorists and discuss how you plan to utilize this to guide your professional nursing practice

· What surprising thing did you learn in this course regarding nursing or nurses?

· Have your initial professional goals changed or been influenced by your learning and experiences in course? If so, how? If not, why is that?

· Did your perception and understanding of nursing changed? If so, how? If not, why is that?

Reflection Paper Grading Rubric Percentage Worth Initial Reflection Thoughts – due in class week #1 20% Discuss Florence Nightingale’s Notes on Nursing as outlined above 10% Discuss & identify nursing theory / theorists guiding practice 10% Discuss professional standards in nursing as outlined above 10% Reflect on academic growth & goals with specific examples 15% Reflects on perception of nursing, goals with specific examples 15% Overall content is inclusive, organized, and flows well 10% APA format (title page, reference page, double-space, running head)

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