realms of a service experience

Describe the four realms of a service experience. Explain how the four realms add value to the customer experience at Starbucks and Aroma espresso bar. Compare and contrast the different ways the four realms are used to add value at Starbucks and Aroma espresso bar. Then, justify and select the company who’s service experience needs the most improvement. Identify recommendations for the selected company which will improve their service experience.

Make sure to use evidence

To properly justify or make recommendations, you need to explain and have evidence. While Starbucks and Aroma espresso needs improvement or the identification of recommendations can be based off of personal inspiration; it must be supported by evidence. Most times, evidence can be supported with a citation as a kind of proof of information.

Examples of Evidence

When trying to justify and select the whether Starbucks or Aroma espresso needs to improve their service experience the most, consider things like…

– customer service ratings on TripAdvisor; one being higher than the other

– annual revenue growth; one growing at a faster pace than the other

– application of specific business practices versus non-application

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