Because of your recent work as a software development contractor, you are hired to present an overview of C# programming to a new group of contractors who are working on a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application.

Prepare a 12- to 15-slide presentation with voiceover narration or you may include a recording/podcast of the presentation with your slides. The slides should cover the following content:

Highlights of C# syntax

Overview of mathematical operators and a coding fragment sample

Overview of loops and a coding fragment sample

Overview of conditional expressions and a coding fragment sample

Working with object models in C#

Code Debugging, Resource Management and Data Validation

Databases versus text files

Using events and delates and collections

Overview of exceptions, errors, and debugging

Explanation of the benefits of LINQ in C# programming. Including how LINQ compares to other query languages, such as SQL and XQuery

Explanation of the benefits of JSON in C# programming

REST and C# programming

A conclusion slide that contains at least three important tips for C# programmers that you have gained over the last four weeks

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