For this discussion, you will review the PROFESSIONAL RESEARCH literature on a topic related to this module. To do this, you should use the Nichol’s Library (or other academic source) to locate an article on a topic related to one of the content objectives for this module. For example, you might search for “discernment” and “therapy”, or “reframing” and “clients”, or perhaps “meaning” and “reframing” or any number of other things from the chapter. Do NOT use non-professional sources from the internet, or you will not receive any credit. Your article must be an original research article published in a professional, peer-reviewed journal. The “Psycharticles” database is a good place to start. The librarians are also very helpful should you need assistance. the discussion, read the research article and share a summary of the article, what was discovered, your thoughts on the research, and how you might apply what you learned from it (if any) to some area of counseling and the helping relationship. Again, remember to reply to at least two students in a good discussion format. Be CERTAIN to cite the information you get from the article and any other sources in your post, and include the full reference at the bottom.You will also need to attach the article (as a pdf) to your discussion when you post it. Simply download the pdf from the library, save it on your computer, then attach it when you post. Do not put YOUR writing as an attachment. Only the article should be attached, and your post in the forum itself.

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