Persuasive Essay

You should write a persuasive essay plus a bibliography on one of the following topics:

Should we genetically modify food to meet rising food demands expected with an increasing population?

Should Pennsylvania encourage drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale Formation?

Should nuclear energy be included as a major component of 21st century plans to combat global warming and to help us meet the growing energy demand?

Should water prices be raised sharply to help reduce water waste?

Should recycled wastewater be used to irrigate crops and for snowmaking at ski resorts?

Should cloud-seeding be performed to increase precipitation in drought-proned areas?

Should DDT be used in malaria-prone regions despite the known environmental repercussions?

Should the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska be opened to drilling?

Pollution rights trading (e.g. cap and trade) will effectively control environmental problems.

Should we eat lower on the food chain in order to minimize our environmental impact?

Should the Peace Bridge in Buffalo be expanded?

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