Paragraph Writing

Paragraph Writing—Greatest Success: Draft 2

In this assignment, you will revise the paragraph you initially submitted in M1: Assignment 3 to include a description of at least one obstacle to your success and how you overcame it.

In your revision:

Expand on the length of your paragraph by describing at least one obstacle to your success and how you overcame it. Your paragraph should now be 200 words long.

Ensure that you do not have any run-on sentences or comma errors in your paragraph.

Address comments from your instructor on your first draft.

Paragraph writing

I want to mention about my success in the school speech contest. I was very weak in communication skills and lacks confidence in speaking in public. Taking part in a speech contest of college was one big academic challenge for me because of my low English and communication skills. To prepare my speech, I used the help of my teacher and friends and did a lot of practice. I used to deliver my speech in my room and in front of my friends to develop my confidence. My teacher helps me to improve my body gestures during the speech, for example, making eye contact, maintaining the pitch of the voice and my facial expressions. With all this practice, I was able to successfully deliver my speech. I was very happy that I was able to overcome my speech deficiencies and successfully deliver my speech.

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