Paper on nationally known successful company

Please, write a paper of on a successful company that is nationally known.

1. Give background information on the company you choose consisting of the services it provides, it’s customer base how the company/business was created/founded, when, and who is/was the founder/CEO of the company.

2. Describe the market of this product/service including who uses it, why they use it, the benefits of using the service/product and how often customers use it.

3. What are the five year profits/losses of this company (cite your source) as indicated in their annual report. Include information from the past five years. If there was a decrease in profit for a particular year, explain some of the reasons why. If there has been a steady increase in profit, explain why. Are they a publicly traded company? If so, what is their ticker symbol and how much was the company traded for on the day you did the assignment?

4. Explain how the promotional strategies are expected to influence consumer decision-making within the targeted market group. Describe how product positioning is important to the marketing plan.

5. Make sure that your conclusion summarizes the main points of what you discussed din the

Any other pertinent information on the company that you feel is relevant.

Your assignment should be completed in MS word, times new roman 12 point font and written according to APA standards.

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