NR544 Quality and Safety Core 

NR544 Quality and Safety Core

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NR544 Quality and Safety Core 

Week 7 Assignment

Project Presentation of a Patient Safety Issue and Resolution

The Week 7 Assignment is due at the end of Week 7, Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT.  You must use Kaltura to complete this assignment. The guidelines and rubric for this assignment are located and listed below.

Week 7: Project Presentation (Links to an external site.)

Kaltura Instructions are located in Resources


The purpose of this assignment is to prepare a short presentation on your patient safety initiative discussed and identified in your Week 3 or Week 5 assignment. A video presentation with a focus on the healthcare quality concern and its proposed resolution will be prepared and presented.

Course Outcomes

Through this assessment, the student will demonstrate the ability to do the following.

Apply frameworks and theories for improving quality of care in various healthcare systems. (CO 1)

Use critical inquiry to evaluate the design, implementation, and outcomes of quality and safety improvement strategies. (CO 3)

Design evidence-based solutions to improve patient safety. (CO 4)

Advance knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for the continuous improvement of quality and safety in healthcare. (CO 5)

Students are given the opportunity to request an extension on assignments for emergent situations. Supporting documentation must be submitted to the assigned faculty. If the student’s request is not approved, the assignment is graded and a late penalty is applied as follows:

Video Presentation

Content: The video presentation is to include the following elements.


Introduction of self

Presentation of healthcare quality concern

Presentation of student-identified solution to the healthcare quality concern


Information is relevant to healthcare concern and its solution

Method of Delivery

Effective opening

Stayed connected to audience

Grammar was correct

Style of Delivery

Eye contact

Voice clarity



Preparing the Assignment

Criteria for Format and Special Instructions

The video presentation will be recorded via the use of Kaltura. Review the Kaltura instructional videos located in Resources prior to recording your assignment.

The video presentation will last a minimum of 4-5 minutes and no longer than 5 minutes.

Using a different method of recording will be subject to a 20-point deduction of the total grade.

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