Narcolepsy with Cataplexy

Locate a research study (2012 or later) on Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. Review the participants, procedures (methods section) of the article. Utilize the analysis questions below to guide your review of the overall risk/ benefits ratio. Be sure to provide a link to your article (attach a PDF file of article to this discussion board).

Do you think the benefits of this research outweighed the costs to participants-what is the overall risk/benefit ratio?

Does the report indicate that the study procedures were reviewed by an IRB or other similar institutional ethical review committee?

Would the participants in this study be considered “vulnerable”?

Were participants subjected to any physical harm or discomfort or psychological distress as part of the study? What efforts did the researchers make to minimize harm and maximize good?

Were participants deceived in any way?

Were participants coerced into participating in the study?

Were appropriate informed consent procedures used?

Was there full disclosure, and was participation voluntary?

Does the report discuss steps that were taken to protect the privacy and confidentiality of study participant?

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