mindfulness journey paper

Use the list that I provided below and explain for each point why they stood out and how they have helped you on your mindfulness journey for each one.

Incorporate 2 researched facts (APA) that support your paper – facts must come from peer reviewed journals “MUST be an EDU or ORG website”

The list:

1. I got a job on campus this week at the international office, and I was so happy to be able to work at ASU for so many reasons. One of the reasons is that I wanted to build my career and get more experience since this is my first time to work in the United States. So, on Friday, I contacted my family in the morning and I told them that I was able to get the job and they were so happy for me and they supported me more. I felt so proud of myself and I think this experience will teach me a lot to be more mindful and thankful of the things happening around me. I am so grateful to my family and friends who always support me, and I am so grateful that I did not give up and I worked hard to get what I wanted.

2. This weekend I gave my friend a ride to Los Angelos, the reason for that is because my friend was leaving the country and she need it help to get to there. It was a good time because we could visit some of the famous places in Los Angelos. the timing for this trip was really good because I think this trip helped me to reduce the stress I had from the school and the work.

3. My co-worker is graduating this semester and she will quit the job because she cannot continue working at her position after she graduates. I decided to make a small goodbye party to her at work with other co-workers before she leaves on the last day of work for her. the reason for what I did is to show her that I am grateful for all the things that she did to me and since I started working. Everyone was happy for her. I think caring about others and trying to make them happier in very important to practice mindfulness.

4. It is so awesome to have some one that can help you, and it is so great to show them that you appreciate their help. This is what happen to me when my car got broken in between Nevada and Arizona. I asked my cousin to come and take me from the place my car was broken at. He came and helped me fix the car and we drove back to home. To show him that I was thankful, I invited him for lunch.

5. show that you deserve the position you have. This is what I did; I went over the documents that the office use and started to update them and add new ideas to them so it make the work easier to my co-workers and that they can fish the tasks with even less steps.

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