MHA5101 Legal Foundation of Health Care 3

MHA5101 Legal Foundation of Health Care 3

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MHA5101 Legal Foundation of Health Care 3

For this assignment, you will be creating three scenarios of your own that are similar to the ones discussed in the unit lesson. These scenarios can be made up, real stories, or a combination of the two. Each scenario should consist of at least 200 words and should properly reflect the material discussed within this unit.

Your first scenario should apply the elements of negligence and professional negligence (malpractice) to a patient claim against a healthcare provider. In other words, your scenario should describe a situation in which a healthcare provider was negligent or committed malpractice against a patient. Be sure to properly detail the event and how it was resolved.

Your second scenario should describe an intentional tort that was committed within the healthcare environment. Also, the scenario should explain a legal remedy that the victim of the intentional tort could pursue. Your third scenario should describe an instance in which a patient’s rights may have been violated by a healthcare provider. Also, the scenario should explain the responsibility that healthcare providers have to protect their patients from harm.

Please include all three scenarios within one document and submit it through SafeAssign within the assignment area in Blackboard. APA references are not necessary for this assignment.


Unit 4 Assignment

Imagine that you are the administrator of a city hospital and you have been asked by your hospital’s legal counsel to prepare a presentation for your hospital’s medical team that discusses negligence in the healthcare environment. Create a presentation consisting of at least 10 slides, not including your title slide and references slide, that covers the following issues: potential legal risks that physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals may encounter in the workplace and MHA 5101, Legal Foundations of Health Care 2 methods physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can use to ensure that no claims of negligence can be filed against them. In other words, explain what they can do to ensure that the environment is safe for their patients and themselves so that no becomes injured or is harmed. Be sure that all sources used, including your textbook, are cited and referenced properly using APA formatting.

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