MGT641  Release Planning Quiz

MGT641  Release Planning Quiz


MGT641  Release Planning Quiz

Which of the following could be considered benefits of an iteration zero? The team can help create the charterThe team can work on elevator statements

The team gains an understanding of technical processes that will be used

It gives the team time to perform a risk based spike.

2You are an Agile project manager working with a team who is very new to Agile and the concept of velocity. The team expresses concern that they may not get as much done as they want to in the first iteration because of a learning curve. How do you explain velocity and address their concerns?

“I understand your concerns but even on seasoned Agile teams the velocity varies in the first iterations, increases, and eventually plateaus.”

“Ideal time shouldn’t be a consideration for Agile and the learning curve is considered. So, you shouldn’t worry too much about it”

“Your velocity is dependent on the amount of work that needs to get done in each iteration and that can fluctuate.”

“Everyone will understand the learning curve and the product owner won’t overwhelm you

with work on your first couple iterations.”

3Your team has determined that there are 300 points of functionality left in the backlog to complete. The first 4 iteration’s velocity has been tracked at:

20 Points

25 Points

21 Points

35 Points





4Your team is working with course-grained requirements and when it is time to break them down to fine grained results they will. Until then they will wait until they have more information. This is an example of what best practice?

Decision delay

Risk mitigation

Backlog refinement

Agile schedule management

5Which of the following best describes the concept of ideal time?

How long something will take with distractions

Sustainable pace

How long something will take without any distractions

The total velocity to complete the project

6Whose job is it to keep the backlog in order and everyone in the organization respects their decisions?

Agile project manager

Product owner

Development team

Development team

7Story maps are an effective tool for the team, so they can see the potential results of the project in a visual way. Which of the following is another reason why the team would use story map?

It is the best tool to help with prioritization

It is the best tool to help with wireframes

It is the best tool to help with epics

It is the best tool to help with user stories

8Which of the following is used for by the team to understand the customer or end users in a way that makes them more relatable.

User story

An epic

A persona

A placeholder

9You team’s velocity has stabilized at a comfortable 20 story points per iteration. In the fifth iteration one of the team members was hospitalized for a week causing the team

to only complete 18 story points. How will the last couple story points be managed?

The team will work overtime to complete the work to which they have they committed.

The team will adjust their next sprint plan from 20 to 18.

The team will do 22 story points in the next iteration.

The team will put the remaining two points back into the back to be selected for the next or another iteration

10Your team is estimating work using planning poker. All team members agree that the work size is a 10, except for Karen. Karen is amendment that the work should be a 6 in size and explains her concerns to the rest of the time and they vote again. This time the entire team votes that 6 should be the size of the work. What could the reason have been for the original discrepancy?

It could be due to product uncertainty or technical uncertainty of the other team members.

Karen is being difficult and trying to get her way while building in buffer time for the work.

The team should have used tee-shirt sizing to get a better result.

The team should talk to the product owner for leadership in the matter.


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