Medieval Christianity and Islam Worksheet

Medieval Christianity and Islam

Learning Team: ___

Complete the following sections:

Part 1

Choose one of the following regions:

Western Europe: Al-Andalus and the Frankish Kingdoms
Near East: Byzantium and Asia Minor
Africa: Egypt and the Maghreb
Middle East: Arabia and Palestine

Selected Region: ­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________

Part 2

Research the history of your region during the medieval period. Summarize the events, Christian society, and Muslim society of the region in the following section. Include APA-formatted references for the sources you used to create this summary.

Christian Society

Muslim Society
[2- to 3-paragraph summary of events in this region] [2- to 3-paragraph summary of medieval Christian society in this region] [2- to 3-paragraph summary of medieval Muslim society in this region]
[APA-formatted reference] [APA-formatted reference] [APA-formatted reference]

Part 3

Discuss your findings with the Learning Team. Complete this Venn diagram to list the unique characteristics of Christianity and Islam, and characteristics they share. Include at least five characteristics for each category.

Part 4

Write a 3- to 5-paragraph essay comparing the roles of Christianity and Islam in the medieval societies of your region. Cite and reference at least four sources.




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