MED100 Medical Terminology and Ethics

MED100 Medical Terminology and Ethics

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MED100 Medical Terminology and Ethics

Week 4 Daily Checkpoints

Question 1PHI stands for

Public Health Institute

Personal Health Information

Protected Health Information

Pretty Hot Ideas

Question 1In health care decisions, our respect for the _________ of the patient would, in common parlance, imply that the patient has the capacity to act intentionally, with understanding, and without controlling influences that would mitigate against a free and voluntary act.





Question 1

These embedded standards and values often ___________ the ideals we express, and yet the conformist thinking which socialization tends to produce resists critical analysis.

differ only slightly

differ from, even oppose,


agree with

Question 1The term nonmaleficence means

“see no evil”

“do no harm”

“speak no evil”

“hear no evil”

Question 1The ________ has even considered authorizing the use of prescription drug vending machines where consumers could enter a few answers to an online questionnaire, self-diagnose, and receive pharmaceuticals that currently require a medical examination and a prescription from a physician.





Question 1Dependent Students

Determining a student’s dependency status is important in determining a student’s eligibility for federal aid programs. Your answers to questions on the FAFSA determine whether you are considered a dependent or independent student. An applicant is considered to be a dependent student unless he or she can answer “Yes” to one of the dependency status questions on the application and are able to provide supporting documentation. If student applicant answers “No” to all of the dependency status questions, then he or she is considered to be a dependent student for federal student aid purposes and must provide parental information. The (Links to an external site.) website has a helpful questionnaire that can assist you in determining your status.

It can be a little tough to determine which parental information to include if your parents are not married and do not live together. Generally, students whose parents are divorced or never married will report information only for the parent that they live with most of the year. If your parent has remarried, you may need to report your stepparent’s information. Be sure to contact the financial aid office or visit (Links to an external site.) if you are not sure what parental information you should provide.

Question:What information must you provide if it is determined that you are a dependent student?

Parental information

Your high school or GED transcripts

Prior college information (if applicable)

Your entrance essay

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