Maryland’s environmental sustainability

The 438th Maryland General Assembly convened on January 10th and adjourned on April 9, 2018. During this 90 day session, several bills will be heard concerning Maryland’s environmental sustainability. Given our understanding of cost-benefit analysis, select a House or Senate Bill of interest concerning the environment. Give two supportive arguments for and against one of the bills. You will notice that some bills passed while others did not; you have the freedom to select from any of these bills. One quick resource to review the bills includes but not limited to is- The Maryland League of Conservation Voters (a link is posted below. On the Maryland League of Conservation Voters click the issue tab at the top of the page. From the drop-down click 2018 Legislative Wrap-Up. This assignment is worth 20 points. Rubric: Bill selection (environmental sustainability) 4 points, Two arguments for 8 points Two arguments against 8 points.

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