Marriage and Family Therapy

I need someone to write a 5 page paper NOT including the title and reference page with 3 scholarly references APA style white paper delineating the information that you or any other Marriage & Family Therapist would need to know to effectively assess and work with children. This assignment is geared toward your understanding of how family violence or intimate partner violence is experienced by the target group you select. Make this connection clear in your paper by including the following items in your paper:

1.What are the demographic characteristics of the selected target (children) population?

2. What are the primary considerations related to assessment of the selected target population (children)?

3. What are some specific items you would explore in the clinical interview pertaining to the selected group(children)?

4. How you would conduct the assessment with this specific population (children)(e.g., meet with the individual, the family, the parent and child; solicit information from other professionals, such as medical information)?

5. Are there any assessment tools relevant to this specific population (children)?

6. If so, what are they and how would you use them?

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