Marketing and Celebrity Endorsements

In response to market research data that suggests more Americans are becoming concerned over their diets and eating habits, McDonald’s has decided to come out with a new line of very healthy eating options, including veggie burgers, low fat fries, and even some vegetarian and vegan options. McDonald’s executives are worried that if the new campaign starts too slowly it will erode their core customers and cause problems for the fast food giant. They have decided that having a celebrity spokesperson introduce the campaign and create several print and television ads promoting this new product line might be the difference between success and failure of this option. They are currently considering Michelle Obama (former First Lady) for their marketing campaign.

Answer the following questions:

In what way will Michelle Obama make a great spokesperson for this marketing campaign? Who do you think is the ‘target market’ for this new product line and why would your choice work for that group?

What would be the possible drawbacks associated with the spokesperson you selected? Are there any personal issues that concern you? Would any part of your target market not like your choice of a spokesperson? How would you address these concerns to McDonald’s executives?

Do you think celebrities are effective at endorsing products? Why or why not?

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