Managers and leaders in business

In business there is always a need for managers and leaders in there respective areas. Being a millennial I understand the current cultural and how my generation responds better to leaders than to managers. We want to talk to our employers and not just be talked at, we prefer to understand the company mission than just blindly follow orders without any clear direction where the business is going. I am currently employed in a Law enforcement and following orders when given to us my higher ranked officers is something we have to do so I understand both sides of the spectrum. Even in my profession when you refer to someone as a manager type supervisor, they are often looked down upon by their peers because it comes across as times they are scared to ever go against protocol for benefit of his or her officers. When I envision what a “leader” per the text means, I think of a company CEO, the envisionary of the entire business with an entrepreneurial spirit. Leaders are not afraid to try new things, ruffle some feathers, do things a different way and invent a better mousetrap if it works.

Managers in my interpretation is the motor or vessal which allow a leader to build that new mouse trap. They are the doers of the business consisting of front line workers, directors of the business which are essential cogs in the machine to complete the end goal. A manager is a task oriented person, usually going from point A to point B in order to accomplish whatever goals they have in front of them.

Leaders and managers are both necessary personal to any business, too many leaders and you will always be coming up with new ideas and never completing them; too many managers and you will continually do the same job over and over again but never be able to think of something different.

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