Literature paper

You have to read the uploaded images and answer the questions below

****1. at least five of his/her own substantial literary critical comments based on the discussed stories. Each comment should be min. one paragraph – max. two paragraphs long; and*****

“The Overcoat” is one of the key works of Russian 19-th century literature, and one of the most known works by Nikolai Gogol.

This story has had a tremendous influence on the development of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and many other 19th- and 20th-century writers.

Why is this story, written in the mid-19th century Russia, is still read and resonates today with a contemporary reader?

What features of the human personality does Gogol describe which are crucial for all to discuss? Why?

How do you understand the character of Akakii Akaievich? What kind of life does he have?

What is there so important about Akakii’s “brotherly love” to his colleagues and to other people?

Are there such people like Akakii in our society? If yes, would they be considered as normal or as less normal, as outsiders?

Is Akakii a victim of the society, a villain, or some other type? Please explain.

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