Leadership and management

Provide an example when someone provided the functions of leadership when management was needed or management when leadership was needed.

A good example of this would be when management sets forth goals with deadlines which need to be met. Along with providing suggested process flows, a leader should be followed for “best practices” in order to ensure that a project/task is completed in an efficient manner. The leader would step in using his/her leadership skills and proper management practices to make sure that the project/task is completed with proper use of time.

Subsequently, when leadership is needed or required, management would also step in and provide assistance to the staff when needed. They would also take on part of the workload in a leadership capacity in order to ensure or set precedence for established workflow processes that were set in place at the beginning of the project/task. One of the characteristics of being a great leader is volunteering or making themselves available for problem solving. The leader should also be the designated point of contact for issues when they arise during the completion of a project/task.

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