I can only speak from experience of a time when leadership was needed, when I worked with employees who were constantly battling with each other about position roles and seniority. It was a difficult situation because the employees that formed cliques were no longer really able to because some employees got promoted and this changed the dynamic of the group. Newly promoted employees were put in positions of higher expectations and more responsibility to delegate tasks and essentially tell others what to do. This caused a rift among employees and their was no mutual respect, because when there is change, many people are resistant at first. It was evident that something needed to be done, therefore the warehouse chief called a meeting to discuss performance problems, and challenges that were faced not only by the employees but also by the new promoted ones as well. Strategies were discussed, and many motivational meetings occurred weekly to keep employees motivated, and on track. The leader made a powerful speech about teamwork and how important it was to respect the position and the person as well. The manager and leader of the group both worked together to ensure that everyone was on the same page, and that issues can be discussed to enhance the work environment. The manager discussed planning strategies, scheduling, evaluations, and the leader encouraged effective communication among employees to occur to relieve some of the stress, while making sure they also understand that they are there to fulfill their job duties, and some times they may not agree, but the job needs to get done.

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