Information technology

Choose an information technology and develop a business case for implementing the technology in your company (or a publicly traded company).

This should be written as a memo (about 4 – 5 pages) to your upper management.

Be sure to include the following:

A brief background on the company. What does it do, company size, where does it fit in the overall industry, financial situation, etc.

What is the generic strategy (e.g, cost leader, differentiator, focus) the company is pursuing? Note, this real strategy might be very different than the strategy statement the company puts out.

High level overview of the technology – what is it and how does it work.

How well does the technology proposed align with corporate strategy?

What are the high level costs and benefits (no need for detail here, but are we talking thousands, millions, billions, etc.)?

Based on what you have researched and written so far, make a recommendation as to whether the company should invest in the technology or not. Be sure to back up your recommendation.

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