Humanistic/Existential Theories

 Humanistic/Existential Theories


Consider your thoughts about the following statements:


·         People are generally good, trustworthy, productive, and able to make positive changes.


·         The responsibility for change and growth lies with the client.


·         We should focus on the “here and now,” not so much on the “then and there.”


These statements reflect humanistic and existential theories developed by theorists such as Carl Rogers, Rollo May, Victor Frankl, and Fritz Perlz. This week, you explore the key components of humanistic and existential theories. You are also introduced to Deidre, a client depicted in media throughout several weeks of this course. Each week that Deidre’s case is presented, you will use theories to propose effective interventions that could help her to reach her goals.



Apply humanistic/existential interventions

·         Evaluate humanistic/existential theories

·         Apply concepts related to humanistic/existential theories

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