Hiring process

As the human resources (HR) legal consultant working with Elora Jean & Co., you have identified several needs with regard to the hiring process. You believe that improving workplace diversity would regulate the cultural dynamics of the organization and stem any legal issues of cultural underrepresentation.

Beyond a solid equal employment opportunity (EEO) policy to ensure that the hiring process is free of discrimination, the owner has asked for your thoughts on implementing an affirmative action policy.

Questions to Discuss:

Based on your research and experience, do you recommend that an affirmative action policy be implemented? If so, what would it include, and what value will it bring to Elora Jean & Co. with regard to helping the company remain competitive?

If you do not feel that an affirmative action policy is appropriate for Elora Jean & Co., what are the issues? What would you recommend, instead, to maximize the diversity of Elora Jean & Co.’s workforce?

Describe an EEO and affirmative action strategy for Elora Jean & Co. What specific laws and cases apply to EEO and affirmative action enforcement?

Use a minimum of 3 references for your sources, and properly cite them using APA format.

Assignment Objectives

Analyze legal cases and legal concepts in written and oral presentations.

Define and apply legal terminology to employment issues.

Discuss the legal framework for the employment relationship.

Examine the range of legal liability for HR.

Examine the relationship between employment law and HR policies.

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