Health Care System

Choose a country other than the United States and research its health care system.

Provide an overview of your selected country’s health care system and ANSWER all the questions below:

· Describe any foreign health care system by answering the following questions:

o How do the citizens of the country access health care?

o How do the citizens of the country pay for health care?

o What is the quality of the health care they receive? Are there unique services provided?

o How is technology used within the system to benefit patients and health outcomes?

o What are at least one pro and one con of your chosen country’s system?

· Identify at least two examples of similarities between your selected country and theS. health care system.

· Differentiate between S. health care and your chosen country’s health care system by sharing at least two differences.

You must use a government resources from your chosen country and the textbook ONLY Batnitzky, A., Hayes, D., & Vinall, P. E. (2018). The U.S. healthcare system: An introduction. Retrieved from

· Chapter 8: Public Health and Policy

· Chapter 9: Healthcare Research

· Chapter 10: Healthcare and Technology

· Chapter 11: International Systems in Healthcare

ONLY your research and response. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for any discussion or assignment. You may also want to review What Is CRAAP? A Guide to Evaluating Web Sources.

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