Government homework
Activity for Assessment:

Education in the United States is in a somewhat precarious situation as a result of low funding, low teacher pay, lack of resources, etc. Texas is not exempt from this. In fact, we have been struggling for years to find a way to fund schools in a fair manner, but make sure there are not huge disparities between school districts. We’ve tied “Robin Hood” and that was unfair. We’ve raised taxes on goods and properties. It is not solving the problem. For this discussion you are going to dive into the world of public education in Texas. Read the following articles and then answer the questions:

1.) What is the purpose behind the new rating system for Texas schools? Do you agree with this method?

2.) Based on the small sampling from UT, how are the elected officials doing with regards to public education? Was there any difference between the two political parties?

3.) What are some of the problems facing lawmakers when dealing with the issue of school finance? As we read in the articles, this has been a long standing policy problem in the Texas Legislature and for the public schools. Why? What funding issues face lawmakers?

4.) What about special education? We have a growing need for this in our public schools. What is happening with that? Are we doing enough in our state to better accommodate our special needs children?

5.) Overall, what are your thoughts on this topic?

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