Assignment: Risk Scenarios

During the operations of unmanned systems, incidents or accidents can happen. The process in mitigating the negative outcomes or preventing such cases from happening is called safety management and risk assessment.

Risk assessments of negative scenarios are relevant tools in risk management. While they are useful in describing potentially occurring situations, their core purpose is describing how to handle the risk from these scenarios. A scenario allows the responsible party to ask the right questions and prepare for unexpected occurrences. It is then possible to develop either preventions or countermeasures. This makes it possible to deal with the risk in an adequate manner. A possible scenario is examined for the following factors:

Occurrence, frequency, or probability (how often?)

Severity or impact (how bad?)

Before you start with the assignment, please check out (either online or in the Hunt Library) how to design risk scenarios and a relevant assessment. Also, refer to the Risk Management Handbook (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (FAA-H-8083-2)

Please prepare one risk scenario dealing with unmanned systems. Define proper countermeasures and make a proposal for regulatory measures: What kind of legal actions have to be taken by a government body or administration to ensure safe operations?

Visualize and describe your special risk assessment scenario in a document.

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