Gloria Videos

In 1965 three well known psychologists, Albert Ellis, Carl Rogers and Fritz Perls, participated in what are now known as the Gloria Videos. In these videos, the client Gloria (not her real name) sits with therapist and talks about a number of things going in her life. The videos have been used for years to provide examples and train others in how (and in some case how not) to work with clients. In the video linked below, Fritz Perls demonstrates Gestalt Therapy. At least in this case, the therapy is very confrontational. [By the way, the video shows it’s age in a number of ways. It is also suggested that you NOT practice smoking in the counseling session. Those things could kill you…;).]After viewing the video and reading the chapter, discuss what you think would and would not work in modern counseling sessions, including with various cultures. Be sure to use and cite various concepts from your textbook on confrontation. The video is a bit long, but will be helpful as you watch.As always, reply to at least two other students in a discussion format.

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