Fundamentals of Psychology:Assessing Research


Using The Chicago School library (Links to an external site.), locate an empirical article from a recent peer-reviewed journal (2014 or newer). Your chosen article should feature a study and include several elements such as one of the research methods discussed in this week’s readings, as well as participants and the study’s outcome. Particular elements should include a hypothesis, method, results, and conclusion. Once you have located an appropriate study/article, develop a 2-page paper that provides a brief introduction of the study and the question that researcher(s) attempted to address. This section should also include the hypotheses of the study.

Then describe:

  • the research design used
  • what the researchers discovered
  • any limitations in the study
  • why the researchers think their findings are important
  • your critical assessment on the strengths and weaknesses of the study

Ensure to justify your responses by relating the method or findings to the material you learned from this week’s readings.

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