Fire science

Research and select a Nuclear, Chemical, Biological, or Radiological agent or Toxin of specific interest to you and provide a clear, detailed and overarching examination of your selection that demonstrates your scholarly understanding of the threat posed by the selected agent.

At a minimum you are to discus and expound upon the following in the form of a clear, organized and cohesive narrative:

· State the name of the agent and describe its historical development. Cite one case where the agent has been used.

· Describe the physical/chemical/biological properties of the agent.

· Discuss the harmful impact of the agent – identify its mechanism of action – how does it do damage?

· Discuss the protective equipment that should be employed by first responders in contending with the selected agent as well as clearly indicate (supported by your own research) commercially available detection devices (a minimum of two) that could be used to detect the agent by Consequence Management responding agencies.

· List any treaty/policies covering the agent and or prohibiting or controlling its availability or use.

· Cite any current news article referencing the use or development of the agent and summarize how that agent was utilized to its maximum potential.

Research and investigation beyond those materials indicated in the course-ware will be required.

· Your assignment must be properly formatted and cited using APA, 6th Edition format.

· Do not simply list questions and respond – your work is intended to be a complete, integrative narrative that embodies an introduction, a body within which you respond to the targeted questions, and a summary and conclusion.

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