Ethics Research Paper

Ethical dilemma(Sexual Harassment) that arises in a profession related to your major or career plans. Feel free to be creative! In the paper, you will present background information concerning the dilemma, apply two ethical theories and a professional code of ethics to it, and defend your own proposed solution to the dilemma.

Choose two ethical theories covered in the course—(a) Benedict’s cultural relativism, (b) Kant’s categorical imperative (either form), (c) Regan’s modified categorical imperative, (d) Mill’s utilitarianism, or (e) Noddings’ care ethics. For each of the two you choose, take a paragraph to summarize the view and explain what it might recommend regarding your dilemma. Cite details from the relevant course reading for each theory. You can focus on theories that fit with your own eventual solution. For example, if you will give broadly utilitarian arguments later in the paper, then start here by describing what Mill would say about your topic. Alternatively, you may want to bring in a theory that you will ultimately reject. For example, if you will later argue that cultural relativism is inappropriate for resolving your dilemma, you could preview its response here, while noting that you will ultimately reject the theory.

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