Ethics In Marriage and Family Therapy

This is a case study.

I need 6 pages (1600 words) and will send the case study to the writer.

The format needs to be APA

The deadline is 36 hours.


Answer These Questions in 3 pages

1. Do you believe that a systemic epistemology is a valid and reliable framework for understanding context? Or do you believe that the systemic view is outdated or insufficient to contextualize client concerns and therapist efforts? Explain.

2. What does your answer say about your own worldview? Explain

Case Study Part 3 Pages

1. What do you think of Maria’s dilemma?

2. What would you do, and when would you do it?

3. Did you experience any dissonance?

4. Has the account of Maria’s dilemma affected your professional acculturation? If so, how?

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