Ethics and Legal Issues Assessment

Consider the following statement from the International Test Commission:

A competent test user will use tests appropriately, professionally, and in an ethical manner, paying due regard to the needs and rights of those involved in the testing process, the reasons for testing, and the broader context in which the testing takes place. This outcome will be achieved by ensuring that the test user has the necessary competencies to carry out the testing process, and the knowledge and understanding of tests and test use that inform and underpin this process.

Unfortunately, competency is not the criteria used throughout the United States to provide testing privileges to counselors to conduct assessment related activities. As a counselor-in-training, it is important for you to understand the scope of practice for professional counselors with regard to testing and assessment.

Assignment 1 will help you to clarify your understanding of the ethical codes, laws, cultural competence, and the implications for counseling practice. You should also listen to the lecture, review supplemental materials, and use the rubrics as guides to help you complete the assignment. This assignment will count toward your final grade and is due by Day 7, and is worth 75 points.


Read your textbook chapters, the AARC multicultural assessment standards, and the article by Naugle (2009). Also, visit your state licensure board website and review your state law for assessment-related scope of practice guides. To prepare for this assignment. You are to reflect on the following questions as part of this assignment (one or two pages).

1. The Naugle article is the most recent journal article that delineates state by state legal issues related to counselors’ rights to test. There have been some significant changes in laws since 2009 with regard to assessment practice. What changes (if any) are related to your state? Discuss the changes and the current scope of practice for counselors in your state with regard to assessment.

2. How is the International Test Commission statement on test user competency similar to or different from your state law?

3. Discuss at least three points from the Multicultural Assessment Standards that stood out to you as you learn about assessment.

4. Discuss at least two other ethical and legal considerations that stood out from your textbook material.

5. Reflect on your learning experience related to competency, ethics, legal issues, and cultural competence in assessment (1-2 paragraphs).


Naugle, K. A. (2009). Counseling and testing: What counselors need to know about state laws on assessment and testing. Measurement And Evaluation In Counseling And Development, 42(1), 31-45. doi:10.1177/0748175609333561


The American Counseling Association has a directory of all state licensure board websites at:

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